Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We interrupt this hike for... Mail Call!!

Sand came home today and checked the mail box... and there was more mail for him than there was for anyone else!!
 Holy mackeral... There was a packet from Jerry and Ben (more on that in a bit). And two lovely post cards, both from Hammie!

One is from Hammie's home town and has a very nice steam train on the front. Cool!! And the other one is from Ditzum (where Hammie was on holidays). Sandy got two beary big hamster hugs from Hammie! Getting mail is so much fun!
 And then there was Jerry and Ben's packet which had the medals from the Bear Olympics. Sandy got a gold medal in gardening and a bronze in Napping. Zotti and Teddy got medals too in Gardening - but both of them are on hiatus so Sandy graciously accepted their medals and promises to pass them along!
 Then there were stickers... AND a postcard... whew... that is quite a bit of mail for a little bear!


  1. You are one lucky little bear, getting all that mail.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the surprises Sandy!

  3. @Birthday Bear - yes, it's great to have blogger friends who like to send "real" mail!

    @Jerry & Ben - yes, beary much!