Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lake and Goats and Cheese and Salmon!

 Hello!!!! Guess where we are??? We are at the lake!!! And guess who is with us today??

Otto and Rose!!! We are going to go paddleboarding! Well... the humans are... and maybe Otto. There is waaaayyyyy too much tipping over on the paddleboard!

It's so pretty here! 

Ahhhh... this is the life...

Navy Beanie has never been to a lake like this! I guess they didn't have big lakes on Mouse Island. He wanted to take control of the paddleboard but... it's hard to paddle with short little arms...

See... out there... there's a paddleboard with heads in the water next to it... the humans fell off again!

Alright... now for the real adventure!! We are at Goats on the Roof!!! Why are we here? Because the Old Country Market has....

A truly amazing selection of cheeses!!!

Navy is a bit stunned... so this visit might take a while...

This is a Salt Spring Island goat cheese... beary good!!

Sooooo many options!!!

Navy Beanie has been quite deprived during his sojourn on the seashore you know... ate nothing but seaweed (gross).

There's lots of British cheeses here...

But not only that... they have a fresh bakery section!!!

With Bear Claws!!!

And Chocolate Croissants!!!

So mmannyyyy choices!!! OK... we have to pick something!!! Navy chose the Juliette brie cheese from Salt Spring. Excellent choice...

And I chose some smoked salmon nuggets...

So many options!!!!


Oh... Single Malt Whiskey Cheese... seems to be popular...

Chocolate Fudge Cheese??? Not so popular...

Sometimes... too many choices is not a good thing!! Navy Beanie is wondering if he's made the right choice! Enough!! Let's get out of here!!

"Pssst... just wanted to say... Cocoa... if you're reading this... they have..."

Fresh Cheese bread!!!!!


Right then... we are home and... eating... in no particular order... some mint chocolate chip ice cream... cause we're hot and sweaty!

And then a chocolate croissant... yummers!

It was beary good... but maybe next time we'll get two!

And then Navy had some brie on cheesebread... yum!!!

Soooo very good!

And yes... I had some smoked salmon nuggets!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Meadow Hike

Hullo!!! I'm out for a little hike today while Navy Beanie takes a well-deserved rest. He's a bit worn around the edges you know... living rough for so long! Anyhow... I was expecting this meadow to be lush and tall with grasses but... it was mowed about 3 weeks ago!!!

Along the edge, there are still tonnes of yummy blackberries!

This is a pretty little view, isn't it?

This is a favourite dog-walking meadow but there weren't that many out today.

I have to say, it's so much easier to walk here when it's not overgrown with grass! I can actually see where I'm going!

At the far end of the meadow is a super old fence... with cool fence posts.

All covered in lichen and stuff

But just beyond that old fence is a newer fence with electric wires... can you see in the background...

There's cows there!!

I keep hoping that I'll find a way to connect this meadow trail with the little top of the ridge trail we do from the other direction... but so far... no luck.

Maybe next time... this little bear is NOT going to get stapped by standing too close to an electrified fence!

But I will sit here and just soak up the sun for a bit. It's getting cooler at night and the wind was blowing fierce today. But this is a nice sheltered spot. (This was an early September adventure too!)

And in this patch you can see the grass growing back faster... must be a wet spot!

Can you see me???

Heh-heh... this would be a hide-'n-'seek spot!!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Rodent Mail!!

 Hullo!!! I received some mail the other week! Yes, I know... but it's been a beary busy week...

First up is a postcard....

"Did I hear "mail"!?? Is there any mail for me yet?"

Well, I don't know Navy... we hadn't yet blogged about your arrival/discovery when we received this but... let's see... This card looks like it's from the coast of France!!

"That's a nice ocean, that is... makes me a tad homesick for the open seas!"

Oh look, it's from Hammie Hamster & Gea!!! They finally got back to Brittany (Bretagne) after 3 years!!! Covid you know... Why don't you introduce yourself!

"Hi Hammie!!!! Nice to meet another pint-sized rodent!"

Hi Hammie!!! Thanks for the postcard!!!!

And then... we have another envelope with cat stamps!!! We know who that's from!! Beanie Mouse & Co!

"Yo, Mice Cuz?? What's with the cat stamps????!!!"

P.S. Navy's comments are being edited as this is a family-friendly blog. That mouse can cuss the hind leg off a rat!!!

Anyhow... looks like a chocolate wrapper on a card! 

"That must be a Beanie Mouse creation - he always was a creative little guy!"

Let's seee... this was obviously sent before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth passed away.

Oooh... yes... again... a clue on the Bingo Prizes!!! 

Thanks Cocoa!!! I know how hectic it can be when you pack for a snap trip! 

And they are beary happy to have a new clown Prime Bozo Minister in Downing Street.

Me thinks the Beanie crew were not big fans of bleached-blonde-fly-away-tossle-hair-guy.

"Well... I mean... seriously... what is it with weird politicians and their hair??? Let's tick them off on our claws... Trump (what can we say... comb-over)... Johnson (tossle-hair is for 10-year olds)... Putin (bald comb-over)... and the former N.Korea guy (forehead cowlick). Ick!!!

Oh... look!!! It's signed "Love, Cocoa Beanie (and other mice too!)... Awww...

"I think Sandy might finally be out of the dog house... or the mouse hole... or whatever!)

Well... gosh... that's a lovely sentiment although... Cocoa's last line is that "Maybe I need to come back and supervise your cheese intake...!"

Err... well... as you may have deduced... we have a mouse!!

Oh... and htere's a postcard from Highgate Cemetery!!! The West Cemetery (we only went to the East Cemetery last time)...

And... oh... I was expecting another Beanie Moriarty clue on the back!!!

But there is nothing!!! Ah well... Oh, Navy wants to say something...

"Ahoy thar maties!!! Avast thar ye land-lubberly mice!!! &*$... wait... what? I have to talk nice? Sigh.... Cocoa where the f*... not even that??? sigh.... Cocoa!!! Where the cheese are you????? Are you coming home soon or what????