Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paddington Bear

For some reason, Sandy has to stop at Paddington Train Station every time he is in London! He's only been in London twice mind you, but so far, 2 for 2 is where he's at. Of course Paddington Station is a very nice train station... and it does have some new oddities...
This is... err... Mandeville, I think, one of the official Olympic mascots, dressed fetchingly in the British flag colours and carrying a bemused Sandy Bear. The other mascot is Wenlock. They are apparently drops of steel with cameras for eyes. They are certainly noticeable!! Sandy got scooped up on his way to the Paddington Bear kiosk (in the background)...
Sandy's muted cries for "help" did not go unheard and he was rescued from Mandeville's grip!

Whew... and after a visit to the Paddington Bear kiosk, Sandy was ready to have his picture taken with Paddington Bear (the real one... sort of)...
Notice the tiny suitcase tucked under Sandy's bum? Yes... he wanted to copy the famous "Paddington Bear on a suitcase pose"... but luckily Sandy does have a Mama and doesn't need to wear a sign saying "Please look after this bear. Thank you."
Several amused bystanders cooed over Sandy admiringly saying "what a great pose!" Well... Sandy is a born ham and he's doing pretty good so far!

Right next to Paddington Bear was another Olympic Mascot...
Another Mandeville I think... but Sandy didn't want his picture taken with this one... Mind you... after staring at it for a while, Sandy decided that he did want Mandeville on his team for the next Bear Olympics-Staring Contest!!
That is one wild stare!!

Elsewhere... Sandy was tempted to have lunch at the following restaurant...

but didn't want to deal with a Mad Bishop...
Although judging by the picture it should be called "The Mad Bishop and the Dancing Bear"!


  1. Your new suitcase looks snazzy Sandy! Jerry bought a little Paddington Bear toy to play with when we were there. We agree: Paddington Station is must stop for adventurous little bears! We're enjoying following your trip!

  2. They've got a Paddington at Paddington Station?!?! I never knew that..... wanna go there now!! Bob will be so jealous that he's not been and you have!!

  3. @Jerry and Ben - yes Paddington Station is a great place to explore... and shop... and take photos!

    @Beanie - Yes, a beary beautiful bronze statue... and a stall that sells a whole bunch of Paddington stuff. It's a must-stop place on any bear itinerary. Wait til you see the posting for the Imperial War Museum... they had mice!

  4. Wow! Paddington! That is cool! Never knew that he had a statue! Does Pooh have a statue too somewhere?

  5. @Hammie - well, there is apparently a Winnie-the-Pooh statue at the London Zoo - but it is of the real Winnie the Bear (the black bear cub from Winnipeg Canada) who came to London during World War I and inspired A.A. Milne to write his Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Doesn't much look like Pooh-bear!

  6. I have to say I rather like the dancing bear.

  7. Yes, but it looks like the Bishop might be giving him a little boot in the bum!