Sunday, August 26, 2012

Of Bears and Dragons

Sandy was finally pried out of bed today with the promise of an exciting bike ride with Mama and partner... Sandy isn't always thrilled at bike rides (mostly riding in a backpack or perched precariously on Mama's handlebars)... but today he got to ride in style in a bike basket!
 That made the bike ride far more fun... and the good weather helped as well. Where were we headed? Down to the reservoir.
 What are we doing down here?? It looks like there are docks and things...
 We are watching the Dragon Boat Races!
 And they do have dragon heads on them! Ooohh... scary! We actually knew someone paddling in one of the boats - so that made it more interesting too (although they did finish last in their heat)...
 There were lots of people there!
 The Dragon Boat society had a big canoe full of life jackets for people to use... don't think any of them would fit Sandy... who thought the idea of riding along would be much fun!
 Some races were pretty close and it was pretty exciting!
It was very warm out (but not as hot as Berlin)... and Sandy thought a dip in the reservoir might be a good idea but... they don't allow dogs to swim in it... so little bears probably aren't allowed either!


  1. I know one dragon would LOVE to see those cool boats, Dilly!!!

    Glad you're home safe Sandy!

  2. Yes... it would have been super-cool to ride shotgun in one of those boats!!

  3. That's what I thought too Jerry and Ben, I hope Dilly reads this post! Nice pictures of a nice trip!

  4. Beary cool boats. You be careful riding in mama's bike basket, hang on so you don't bounce out when she hits a bump!