Friday, August 10, 2012

Jungle Garden

Sandy's new place is a basement suite but he has free run of the backyard... which has a very large garden! It is a jungle at the moment - and there is a lot of kale growing.
Sandy feels dwarfed by these vegetables... and even the walkway is starting to get overgrown.
That's not so much due to the kale as it is due to the zucchini growing across the walkway. Wow...
Some of the zucchini is getting quite large and Sandy thinks someone needs to pick them. Underneath all the branches are even more baby zucchinis...
There are a couple of little ones here (you can see them because of the old flower blossom on the end)... and then even more!
Sandy has heard that zucchini can grow to be beary, beary large... even larger than a little bear!
This one was hiding under some leaves and is getting beary big... zucchini anyone? Sandy can't pick any because he is heading off to London today!!


  1. That garden looks like a GREAT place to play hide and seek!

  2. Yes... one almost needs a compass to find a way out!