Thursday, August 30, 2012

Into the Mountains - Part 3

Hiking in the mountains (particularly these mountains) means you encounter all sorts of trails. Most of the trails are crushed stone, which makes for beary easy walking.
 Sometimes, though, Sandy had to toddle along a board walk that was clinging to the side of a mountainside. Stay in the middle and don't look down!
Sandy also got to cross raging rivers... well... babbling brooks at least. But when you're a little bear, a babbling brook can look pretty wide!
 There were even some more primitive board walks that crossed swampy areas. They were quite wide enough for a little bear but got a bit narrow in spots for the humans (with their big feet)!
Sandy rested several times but this was his favourite spot. It is the third little lake in Sunshine Meadows and is called Grizzly Lake! No grizzly bears were seen... and Sandy didn't meet any tourists to frighten...
Way up in the mountains, you can get an awesome view from several points.
And then there was more climbing... this time on stairs... whew... those are tough on little bear legs!
 But finally... Sandy managed it... he climbed a mountain (or at least a tiny little hill in the mountains).
 That is Rock Isle Lake in the background... that is quite a ways for a little bear to climb...
Sandy is feeling beary proud of himself and kind of likes being on top of the world. Do you have mountains where you live??


  1. We don't have any mountains but we do have the South Downs!! We told you about those when you came to visit!!

  2. Yes! And if one were to hike all along the South Downs, one would get a pretty hefty workout I think. Up and down and up and down and up and down...

  3. Beautiful views of the mountains! We love mountains because the part of the state we live in is mostly flat. You forgot to mention one beary important thing about your hike: what was in the picnic basket for lunch!!! hehe

  4. @Jerry & Ben - oh yeah!! Lunch... hmmm... let's see... hard-boiled eggs, flat bread, hummus, cherries... some people had tuna sandwiches (ick)... nothing even vaguely honey-ish! These humans tend not to pack with a little bear's needs in mind... hmph!

  5. No mountains here Sandy, I live in the boring flat-lands of Illinois. It is certainly beautiful there.