Monday, August 27, 2012

Into the Mountains - Part 1

Before the big adventure to Europe - Sandy went into the Rocky Mountains for a few days and had several adventures there. But there wasn't enough time to get it all posted before Europe... so here it is! (Who knew a little bear could have so many adventures!

Sandy has been hankering after a mountain hike - he is a little bear after all. And finally, after much delay, the trip was happening! First up was a place near Banff called Sunshine Meadows.
 It is promoted as "Canada's #1 Day Hike" (by Lonely Planet no less)... which sounds very good. And the brochure looks very appealing - flowers and mountains and blue alpine lakes!
 This is a map of the general area... lots of mountains (which means lots of hills!).
People come from all over North America to hike here... so it must be a great spot!
 And people come from Europe too - even The Netherlands and England!
 Sandy wants to practice a bit - so gets in front of a big wall mural that shows Sunshine Meadows... wonder if those people see the little bear in front of them?
After all of that excitement - it's time to actually get there. Sunshine Meadows is actually a ski resort in the winter time, so getting there in the summer is an adventure! First you have to drive from Banff to the parking lot at the base of the gondola.
 There's a road that goes up to the ski village but it's a private road - so you can only get up there in the summer time by bus (because they don't run the gondola).
 Road conditions today are good!! So we shouldn't have much trouble. Mind you - the "bus" is an old school bus and the "road" is a very narrow gravel road with steep drop-offs which have Sandy shivering in Mama's backpack!
 But after all that... we are finally at the ski village and on a trail! This is kind of cheating... because you basically get to drive/ride into the alpine... but it works! Sandy is very excited to be up here finally (he's never really been in the alpine).
And one of the first things he scavenges for himself is a walking stick... all good hikers must have a walking stick/pole! Sandy is ready for this adventure...


  1. That is a beary nice walking stick Sandy! You look ready for a great hike!

  2. Yes... it is a perfect size for a little bear! Very rustic too.