Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Imperial War Museum

Today Sandy toddled off to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth. It was a beary long tube ride on the Bakerloo line and then a 10 minute walk. Along the way, Sandy saw some beary nice Olympic lampost signs that were in his favourite colour!
Most of the Olympic signs and stuff are bright pink... so this green one was a nice break! And then we were at the War Museum... There is a beary large set of guns out front from a World War I ship.
They are 15 inch guns and they shot very large shells... much larger than a little bear!
Inside the museum, they had a big atrium space which had all sorts of old planes from World War 1 and World War 2... as well as old tanks and armoured vehicles.
Farther in the museum, there were other displays about the various wars... but Sandy was most interested in the museum's shop... where he at first thought he had found a hamster... but it turned out to be a mouse!
The hands and feet looked a lot like Hammie's hands and feet which is why Sandy thought it might be a hamster... but no... it has a long tale and the tag said "mouse"... Right next to the mice were some cats - interesting juxtaposition!

There was also a beary beautiful rose garden outside...
Sandy thinks they are also an interesting juxtaposition with the big guns out front.

And then it was off again, but this time on a big double-decker bus... and Sandy got to ride upstairs in the front!
That is Piccadilly Circus coming up straight ahead. Sandy isn't sure why it's called a Circus as there is no circus there... although the traffic is a bit of a circus (hah-hah!!)...


  1. Oh what fun!!! Me and Tango and Bob T Bear ride the buses when we meet up in London - they're great fun!!! And you met a mouse too! How exciting!

  2. Ooh, we have not been to that museum, but it looks beary nice. I bet Beanie or Bob T. Bear could tell you why Piccadilly Circus is called a circus...we would like to know too!

  3. @Beanie - yes, riding up top in the buses is beary fun... a bit scary sometimes too - it always seems like those buses are going to bump together! The mouse was nice, but it didn't have as much character as you, Beanie!

    @Jerry and Ben - Yes, Mama had never been to that museum either, so it was good to explore something new. There is another place called Oxford Circus which doesn't look half as crazy as Piccadilly Circus... so we'll have to see if Beanie or Bob T know why they are called "circus"... Maybe there was a circus back there in the olden days?

  4. Oh... and bestest of all... it was free for little bears!! (And people too...)

  5. That little mouse is so cute. Did he follow you home?

  6. That mouse almost did follow us home! But Mama said we were trying to down-size and didn't need a mouse around the house. But he was sooooo cute!

  7. That is a nice mouse, but really, Beanie is the cutest mouse ever!