Saturday, August 18, 2012

From London to Berlin

Today was a beary big day - we were leaving London and heading off to Berlin. So it needed a beary large breakfast (because you knew when/if we would get lunch).
After much deliberation, Sandy chose Eggs Benedict... which was beary yummy!
So yummy, that by the time Mama realized she should be taking pictures of the breakfast, it was too late... it was all gone! And then it was of to Heathrow - which took a beary long time on the Tube - with stops and changes and buses and stairs and escalators and bustling crowds... We finally got spit out the other side of security at the airport and Sandy was very pleased to see some welcoming bears.
These are the Harrod's Bears - at Gatwick, the bear is dressed in a green suit - but here there were two bears - because it is a beary much bigger airport (?).

There are a lot of planes here - and we were only at Terminal 1!
That is our plane at the left! It is a Lufthansa fight on a British Midlands plane (go figure). Anyhow - there is a lot of waiting to do at an airport...
Sandy was beary patient though and sat there, imagining that he was twiddling his thumbs (most bears don't have thumbs you know)... when... all of a sudden he saw it... oh my goodness... could it be?
Jerry and Ben were here!!!! Ahhhhh... Sandy was off his seat in a flash and standing at the door to this thing...
"Hello???!!! Are Ben and Jerry in there?? Helloooo??" By the time Mama caught up with Sandy, he was in a high state of excitement - expecting either Jerry or Ben to materialize at any moment. But then Mama pointed out that this thing was something called a Vending Machine... and that it sold ice cream... and that the brand of ice cream was called "Ben and Jerry's" and had nothing to do with his pals Jerry and Ben...
"Oh!" said Sandy... with disappointment... tinged with a bit of embarrassment that he had been fooled by a vending machine!
But his disappointment didn't last long, because then it was time to board the plane (a very full plane). Sandy was stuck in a middle seat which meant he didn't have a good view of much of anything. After landing at Berlin-Tegel, there were several more bus rides and S-bahn rides until finally, Sandy found his room at a Hotel/Hostel...
It's much bigger and cheaper (go figure) than the one in London and Sandy managed to score a bottom bunk. That is one tuckered out little bear... Shhh... turn out the lights and let him sleep!


  1. We LOVE the Ben & Jerry story, so cute! We see those shops here too, and Jerry and Ben think that they really should receive free ice cream since that shop is using their name. Papa has explained that it's just a coincidence, but Ben is not convinced.

    We're looking forward to seeing your Berlin photos! We've never been there.

  2. We think of Jerry and Ben every time we eat that icecream :-)!it's a pity that Sullivan has already been to Berlin, orherwhise you could meet him too!
    Hope you have a good trip! And looking forward to your post about Berlin!

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Free ice cream would be a definite bonus!

    @Hammie - Yes, it is too bad Sullivan was already here... but there will be other chances to meet!