Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eat Your Veggies

Sandy was roaming his new neighbourhood (and scaring local cats who've never seen a bear before) when he came across a small community park with a whole bunch of small gardens. These garden boxes were filled with all sorts of vegetables and herbs, in various states of development.
Some of the vegetables were an easy identification... some were a tad trickier!
These ones were easy - they are carrots! Sandy was tempted to haul one up out of the ground to check on its progress but Mama said it wasn't our garden so... Sandy will have to buy his carrots at Safeway!
Sandy thinks these ones are red beets - their stalks are a bit red and they look like root vegetables. Beets are very yummy and good for you... but they turn everything pink!
This wild patch is composed of potatoes - again Sandy would love to burrow into the ground and check them out but... that won't work.
This monster looks like some sort of cabbage but Sandy couldn't really see any head of cabbage deep in the centre - maybe it's still small? It might even be a red cabbage because the leaves had a purple tinge to them.
This kind of looks like cabbage - but not quite. Sandy thinks it might be cauliflower - but again - nothing much happening in there right now.
There were onions (tame ones - not wild ones) and lettuce - tonnes of lettuce!
Some lettuce was getting very tall and lanky... someone needs to pick this stuff.
Someone has been picking this stuff... and Sandy isn't sure what it is... Swiss Chard? Belgian Endive?
There are even some peas growing (real ones - not sweet peas)... they could be sugar-snap peas or just regular peas... but either way they don't quite look ready yet.
And finally there were some herbs - dill - which is very good in cucumber salad.
And then some parsley, very healthy basil and maybe some purple basil (in front). Whew... that is quite the community garden! Do you grow vegetables and herbs where you live?


  1. Beary beautiful vegetable gardens! We're jealous!

  2. Do you like your new home? We grow one rhubarbe plant and some herbs: mint, chives, lavas, that last one is for making soup. We don't know the English word for it...

  3. @Jerry and Ben - yes it is a beary beautiful garden. It all looks so mouth-wateringly delicious and none of it pickable... (at least for me)... sigh.

    @Hammie - Yes, our new place is beary cool in the summer heat. We were living in a townhouse style condo and are now in a basement-suite. Mama says we are down-sizing because she and her partner are taking a Zappa-tickle... no... a Zabba-tickle... er... a Sabba-tickle... oh, let Mama type... a Sabbatical! I'm not sure what that means - other than it is all part of an upcoming Great Adventure! Where we are living - they are growing kale and zucchini and squash and red currants (yucky!).

  4. Oh! Sabbatical! I know that word! That is very interesting! Specialy when comes with a big adventure!