Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bear To London

After much deliberation, Sandy decided that his current wardrobe would have to suffice for his visit to London. All he really needs to pack is his passport... don't forget that!
But Sandy is not going to travel in the suitcase... noooo... he needs to be accessible for photo ops... so into the backpack he goes.
And it's always fun to ride on the luggage trolleys... and before you know it... Sandy was through security and eventually on the plane. Being a seasoned air traveller, Sandy knows the drill... take a look out the window...
And settle into his seat, ready for the big flight.
Arriving at London Gatwick - Sandy then gets to ride the Gatwick Express in to London... but everything is just a blur through the window. These trains go fast!
Arriving in London at 7:30 am has its disadvantages. One is called jet lag - but Sandy has read that if he eats well and gets lots to drink (and plenty of sunshine), he should be able to minimize the effects. So... breakfast with orange juice (no bacon or ham - no pigs were harmed!).
Finally, Sandy is allowed into his room and can't believe his eyes. The sheets are green... almost the same green as his jacket!! How cool is that???
The room is kind of small and has a bunk bed in it... of course Sandy wants to be on the top bunk and he does, surprisingly, manage to balance his way up the rungs of the ladder.
This is a very interesting hotel with bunk beds... but then Sandy sees the logo on the sheets - he's not in a hotel, he's in a youth hostel! Ahhh... that explains the green sheets (he doesn't think the Hyatt Regency would have green sheets).
The top bunk is a lot of fun... there is a railing that can be used for many things... playing prison...
And practicing for the next Bear Olympics event - the balancing act!
The room even has a view...
Far in the distance, you can see the top part of the London Eye... maybe Sandy will get on it this time!


  1. Sandy sure is becoming a seasoned traveller and sure to have some wonderful adventures in London. Look forward to reading and seeing all the fun!!

  2. Have a great time in London Sandy! We hope you try fish and chips, yummy!

  3. Yes... going down to Brighton today to see Beanie - I'm sure there must be fish and chips down there somewhere!

  4. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! We've stayed in Youth Hostels too, they're fun!!! Which one are you at?!

  5. Say hi to Beanie!!! You're so lucky!

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