Sunday, April 30, 2017

Adventures in the Marsh - Part 4

Hullo again... picking up our Marsh Adventure where it left off a couple of days ago in the nettle patch.

I am following a vague trail... of sorts...

But it's rough going... and I even got my jacket wet!

Holy mackerel is it wet and murky here!

But... at last... success!!! We are at the marsh! And today... we will figure out what the mystery building is...

Hmmm... as I suspected... a bird study area - partners are the University and Ducks Unlimited.

 That would explain all the trails... which seem a bit mucky still.

Ummm... super sloppy in fact!

Oh dear... but I am soooo close to that building!

Made it!! A whole bunch of key tag things (with no keys).

Built in 2016... hmmm....

Let's poke around a bit.

I think "someone" should have brought hip waders...


Oh look... pussy willows!

Nice ones too... big and fat.

And a Canada Goose hiding out in the shrubbery.

Beary mysterious... lots of bird houses on poles.

Time to go cross-country...

I'm going to try over the dead grass instead of that sloppy trail.

 Numbered bird houses... I wonder if any birds actually use these?

Ummm... is that bird wing??? Ick.

Whew... that was quite the sloppy trek... now we have to head back...

Some of us came out the worse for wear.

But I managed pretty good!

Heh-heh... I am just a clean and tidy bear, I guess.

 Although... I guess I could make a note on the sekrebeary evaluation this year... "gets feet wet to spare little bear".

 What do you think? Is this above-and-beyond service from my sekrebeary?


  1. That looked like a fun hike. It's not surprising that nimble and sure-footed little bears don't get their boots dirtied very often. Human seKretaries, on the other hand, well, we know they have more challenged. Luckily we're around to help or they'd be covered in mud from head to toe.

    1. No kidding... humans are definitely challenged. Must be their big feet!

  2. Goodness it looks muddy. Did you see any birds in the bird boxes?

    1. Beary muddy. And no birds in the bird houses. Maybe I need to go there closer to dawn or dusk. When it's less muddy!

  3. You may need to have a bath soon after this muddy hike, Sandy...