Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winnipeg (again!)

We seem to be doing a lot of repeats in the last little while... Lake Louise again... Winnipeg again. Mama is here again for work, part of preparing for her sabba-tickle. Still no sign of Jerry and Ben floating down... er... up the river!

Sandy was dragging his little feet around town, a bit dejected... but then he spied something beary beautiful... a huge (HUGE) rose!!
 Except it's not a "real" rose... it's part of a beary large art mural...
 This is the right side...
 And this is the left side. Beary beautiful... and quite a collection of different images - churches, guitars, roses, skateboarders!
 Then there were some murals on an outdoor patio for an Italian restaurant. They look like they might be from Manitoba... a pretty rainbow...
 A funky gnarly tree...
 An old homestead maybe...
And some clouds over a lake... maybe... There are all sorts of pretty things around, if we only start looking for them. Because to be truthful, Sandy wasn't all that impressed with Winnipeg - kind of "grungy"... But this is starting to change his view of this "old" city (more than 100 years old!).


  1. We sure wish we could float up to see you Sandy! That would be beary fun!

  2. One day!! Maybe not in Winnipeg... maybe in Fargo!