Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Windy Winnipeg

Last week Sandy was in Winnipeg helping Mama with some business meetings... sort of. Sandy was hoping that Mama would have time to take him on a tour of Winnipeg but there wasn't really time for that. Mind you, Sandy did get out the first evening... which was beary exciting!
The first (and only stop) was the Red River! Sandy wasn't not sure why it's called the Red River, because it looked beary blue to him. Mama said that it might be because the soil around the Red River is a reddish colour. Or maybe the water gets beary red when it floods (which is often).
Sandy learned that the Red River starts far down south, where South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota meet. He knows that Jerry & Ben live somewhere down there... maybe they will float down the river to meet him in Winnipeg? Mama said that it would take a beary long time for them to float down the river and they would probably be beary wet and bedraggled by the time they got to Winnipeg! Plus they might get in trouble for not using an official border crossing...
There are many bridges in Winnipeg because of the Red River... and many river pathways as well, which are beary nice for walking.
 This bridge is particularly beautiful because it has plantars full of grasses and flowers all along it. It was beary windy and the grasses refused to stand up in a nice clump!
Sandy found some beary red flowers on the bridge... beautiful!
 There were even a couple of sewer covers! Not sure what this one is for...
 This one was beary large - bigger than normal ones. It could be MT5 or MTS... There are probably more in Winnipeg but Sandy didn't find them on this trip...


  1. I really like that bridge. It's a cool looking bridge.

  2. Ooh, we would love to float up the Red River and see you! We have a river here, the Big Sioux, but it really is just a big creek, so we're not sure why they call it a river. We've never been to Winnipeg, but they have a big winter French/French Canadian festival there and we'd love to go to that!

  3. @Sullivan - it is a cool bridge - there are even buffalo head carvings on it... but no hippos... or pigs!

    @Jerry & Ben - "River" seems to be a relative term! The big Voyageur Festival (or Festival du Voyageur) is quite the thing apparently... You could skate down the Red River... heh-heh!

  4. Hehe, we would have to skate UP the river, but it would sure be fun!

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Well maybe I could skate down the river to you! Or we could meet halfway. Mama says that skating means a lot of falling down on your bum though... maybe we should use sleds instead. You could have Boo be your sled-dog!

  6. Hehe, it would be fun to meet sometime, eh. Hammie, Bob, Sullivan, Buttons and Marlow would be jealous, eh. Beanie wouldn't be jealous of course cause you all already met, eh!! Now we're jealous! hehe

    We do love Canada though, but we've only been to Montreal, Toronto and Québec City, but they were wonderful, eh.

    P.S. Ben said we had to add all the "eh" to be more Canadian.

  7. Oh, you guys really do need to come out to Western Canada... beary beautiful, eh! Did Ben have a funny toque on his head when he was saying "eh"? That would be totally Canadian, eh! By the way, did you notice that "eh" is just "he" spelt backwards... as in hehe!!