Thursday, September 6, 2012


A beary long time ago (or so it seems), Sandy's pals Jerry and Ben visited Niagara Falls in Ontario. They had asked if there were any waterfalls where we lived... and up until now, Sandy hadn't seen any! But that all changed in the mountains...
Waterfalls!! Not only one but two of them! Oh boy... interesting that the distance is in miles... must be a beary old sign!
There they are... the waterfalls!! Sandy was beary excited to see them up close. But then Mama said that while this was falling water, it really didn't count as a true "waterfall"... but Sandy would have none of that. From a little bear's perspective... these definitely counted as waterfalls...
We hiked a bit farther and there was a canyon... but no waterfalls. "See Mama... that was it... those were the waterfalls! Now there is just a big canyon"... which was still very intriguing for a little bear growing up on the prairies!
And then it got more interesting... the trail became a catwalk that was clinging to the side of the canyon... ooooohhhh...
 "Look Mama... a waterfall!!"... (and more catwalks).
 Oh boy... just don't look down!
 There we go... a "real" waterfall!!! These are the lower falls and beary impressive.
There was even a cave entrance where you could go and stand beary close to the falls... and get beary wet from all the spray!
But then the catwalk continue above the lower falls... and we were on an expedition to find the Upper Falls.
 Are these them? Nope... these are just little falls...
 Here we go! These are the Upper Falls! Beary nice, and quite a hike for a little bear.
Sandy was beary happy to see some waterfalls finally and he can now report back to Jerry and Ben that yes... we do have waterfalls nearby!


  1. Hahaha, the only water that falls here is rain and in the bathroom when we take a shower :-)!

    1. Oooh... yes... The Netherlands doesn't seem like it would have much in the way of waterfalls... (don't forget fountains would count as falling water... heh-heh!) Mind you, you do have the ocean... and beautiful canals!

  2. That is a beary beautiful waterfall Sandy! We love waterfalls in canyons like that. The pools of water are beautiful, and we bet the sound of the running water is fun to hear. There are a couple near here too. We'll have to take some photos. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    1. It was beary nice and cool in the canyon... a nice break from the heat out in the rest of the world. I'd love to see your canyon waterfalls too!