Thursday, September 13, 2012

Something's Afoot

Sandy went for a hike out on the prairie this weekend.
 He noticed something very strange as he walked along... leaves littering the path. What was this? Leaves should be on trees, not on the trail.
 Then he started noticing that the wild rose bush leaves were a beary strange colour. These ones were yellow...
 These ones were red...
 And instead of flowers, the rose bushes and funny red berries... which didn't taste very good... but are apparently a great source of Vitamin C.
 Even some of the grasses were a beary interesting shade of red instead of the normal green.
 Sandy tried to get a high vantage point to see what else he could see... but this rock wasn't beary tall...
 So he climbed a little tree and...
 Way off in the distance, Sandy saw something that was a bit disturbing.
 There were trees, big trees, with yellow leaves! Was it a disease? Was it drought?
They are certainly beary pretty and Sandy learned that a new season is starting called Fall or Autumn. He's just a young bear, so this is his first experience of this season!


  1. Wonderful post Sandy! We love the photos. Fall is slowly arriving here, but the leaves will not be so pretty this year because we have not had lots of rain. We'll still rakes leaves into a big pile and the run and jump into them! Maybe your mom will let you come to our house and join us!

  2. I'm a bit sad that the summer is almost gone... I hope the last days of summer will last for a long time, even when the time is officially called autumn soon...

  3. @Jerry & Ben - OH!! That would be so much fun, jumping into leaf piles! But Mama says I can't join you this year... I might have to find my own leaf pile (without any doggie-doo-doo in it!).

    @Hammie - I know... it seems like summer just started and now it's already over. Many of our leaves are still green though, so maybe it will stay that way a bit longer.

  4. Leaf piles in Canada must be the best, you all have the best maple leaves!

  5. Just remember NOT to jump in leave piles if you've just been eating honey; Jerry did last year and, well, it wasn't very pretty even though Ben giggled so hard he fell on his back and did Bob T. Bear's toe wiggles.

  6. Oh nooooo!!! That would be beary messy! Instead of being tarred and feathered... you would be honeyed and leafed!