Friday, September 28, 2012

Sandy Makes some New Friends

We're back at the lake again... somehow Sandy has this idea that maybe (just maybe) he'll see the Ogopogo. His stuffie pals thought maybe he was up too early the other day - so Sandy is trying an evening visit.
There's a big old steamboat here... maybe Ogopogo is lurking behind it?
Nope... but there are some Canada Geese - guess they haven't headed south yet. Sandy briefly toys with the idea of catching one and writing a quick note to Jerry & Ben and attaching it to a goose leg... but the geese don't look all that catchable!
What's that??? ... just some geese or ducks or something. Oh well...
Sandy does see some kids playing on the rocks near the lake and decides to join them.
The girl is trying to pass Sandy back to ball-cap boy but...
He looks a little scared of Sandy!!
So Sandy catches a ride on the other boy, who is having fun jumping from rock to rock.
Sandy gets a good vantage point up here... still no Ogopogo though!


  1. If you give a note to one of those Canadian geese, make sure to give the goose our address! He can rest at our house during his journey south, but if he's accompanied by 50 or 60 pals, we might not have enough room for them all! hehe

  2. And they aren't really house or yard-trained either... you'd have goose poopies everywhere! Might be good fertilizer for the garden?