Saturday, September 22, 2012

Off to the Okanagan

Sandy was rather surprised when he learned that we were no getting off the plane in Calgary, but continuing on to the Okanagan area of British Columbia!! What is this??? Mama has more business here... so now Sandy has a chance to visit wine-country! And maybe see the Ogopogo sea monsters (like the Loch Ness monster!).

As soon as he could escape from the hotel, Sandy scampered off to the lake... and crossed something beary interesting...
 There was this concrete sign post... and upon closer inspection...
 It turned out to be part of the Trans-Canada Trail!! That would be a beary long hike... all the way across Canada. Maybe one day...
 This is Okanagan Lake... supposed home of the Ogopogo monster... but all Sandy sees is an old tug boat.
 And some beary large cottonwood leaves that are definitely yellow. Fall is showing up, even here...
This leaf is beary large! Sandy is looking forward to doing some exploration of this area... maybe he'll even get to visit some wineries!


  1. Great photos love the one wiyou the leaf and the tug boat.

    Bet you're beginning to feel dressed for the weather, eh?

  2. Thanks Buttons! Yes, it is definitely getting a little chillier in the mornings!