Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Peaches... but... something much better!

Sandy has been hearing some distressing stories... that people are dismantling old orchards (possibly peach ones!) and planting... grapes!
 Now Sandy has nothing against grapes... they can be beary yummy too but... why get rid of the peaches??
Well... apparently, the dry, rocky soil here is good for these grapes. It is beary similar to the soil and climate in... France!
 And what is so special about the grapes in France?? Or the grapes in the Okanagan for that matter? Well... they make wine with them!!! ...

Sandy blinks thoughtfully for a minute and then wonders what is so special about wine... what makes it so much better than peaches??? Well... wine is...

  • very yummy to drink!! (Sandy is not impressed)
  • great to cook with! (Sandy yawns)
  • beary yummy to drink! (Sandy examines his claws and buffs them on his puffy coat)...

  • Well, there is a wine made out of honey too... it's called Ambrosia! (Sandy is all attention!!!)
So with a bit of coaxing, Sandy went on a few winery tours... This one was called the Burrowing Owl... which seems rather odd (because owls fly and don't burrow)... until you realize that there is actually a small owl that does burrow in the ground. Anyhow... Sandy didn't get to sample any Ambrosia... but he did taste an Icewine (almost as good as honey!!).


  1. OH YUMMMMM!!!!! Tango wants to come visit!!!!

  2. Grapes are also good frozen! There are like popsicles! Don't volunteer to smash the grapes for wine with your feet Sandy, because your feet will turn all purple and your Mom will never be able to get the purple stains out of your fur!

    You mentioned that they make HONEY too! Jerry is BEARY interested in that. Hehe

  3. @Beanie - oh yes... and they make cider out of the apples too!! There are even some breweries... They probably make honey beer!

    @Jerry & Ben - I don't think Mama would let me in a vat of grapes... I wouldn't just get grape juice on my feet - I would get it everywhere! I'd be a totally purple bear! Mama still hasn't taken me to see a honey hive though... sigh... we even drove by some!!