Monday, September 17, 2012

Moraine Lake (Finally!)

The last time Sandy was in the Rockies (in early August), he desperately wanted to see Moraine Lake, which is close to Lake Louise, but has much less parking. As it was a long weekend... well... everyone else had the same idea and Sandy didn't even get close to the lake! But this time... it went better!
 First Sandy had to climb a mountain... or at least that's what it felt like... especially to a little bear.
 It wasn't really a mountain though... but a big rock pile, an old rock slide that had blocked the valley a beary long time ago. The rock pile acted like a big dam and... voila... Moraine Lake was formed in behind it. For a while, Moraine Lake was beary famous (it still is... but it was even more famous back then)... because it was on the back of the old $20 bill!
It looks beautiful doesn't it? Well... it is even more beautiful in real life!
 Because it is one of those glacier fed lakes and it is a most-unearthly shade of turqouis blue.
 It doesn't look as blue when you are standing on the shore... but get up high (like on a rock pile)... and the colours are beary intense...
 There it is! The sun is a bit in the wrong spot (shining right at us) but...
 Sandy was awestruck nonetheless and stood there for quite a while. There were some canoes on the lake too but so far Sandy has been unable to finagle a canoe ride out of Mama.
 But this will do just nicely for a while. Sandy even saw a rock tower!
And of course, it was a bit windy there, so Sandy kept getting bowled over by the wind... He thinks that maybe we should start a Bear Bloopers contest! You know, those moments where things just don't go according to plan. It could of course be extended to mice and hamsters and pigs... Maybe just a Blogger Blooper Contest?


  1. Beautiful lake, and it's certainly a great color! But we think you should rename it Sandy Lake, Canada wouldn't mind, would it? hehe

    It's getting colder here too, we'll have to pull out our winter coats soon!

  2. Sandy it's so beautiful! Good the wind was blowing the direction it was, you could have ended up in a terrible fix.

  3. @Jerry & Ben - oooh... Sandy Lake??? I like that!!! Or maybe Alexander Mackenzie Bear Lake!! That might not fit on postcards though... kind of long!

    @Buttons - hmmm... good point!! I could have been bowled over the other way! A terrible fix is right...