Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Weekend 2

A long weekend wouldn't be complete without an outing... a bike ride! This time, we took Maphew along as his people were busy. Maphew has a special set-up on the back of his Daddy's bike, complete with harness and everything. He gets a lot of attention! There was even room for Sandy in the back...
We rode down to the river and the weather was gorgeous (for early September).
Sandy was even tempted to maybe try to go in the water... but it was a pretty fast-flowing river and Sandy's not the greatest swimmer (not with those short arms!).
 But then... what did Sandy see?? A raft floating in the river (right above his head)! What was this??
Well, all during the summer, people get out their inflatable rafts and boats and dinghies and float down the two rivers in the city. It is beary fun and there may yet be a floating adventure in Sandy's future! But not this weekend. Another short bike ride and Sandy was downtown and watching a parade coming!
 There were tonnes of people and it was beary noisy... which was a bit scary for a little bear.
Sandy and his buddy Maphew watched from the sidelines. Afterwards there was a big party in a nearby park... but it was beary hot and sunny.
Sandy is small enough that he could take advantage of the only patch of shade... thanks to Maphew!


  1. That is nice! Riding a bycicle with your doggie friend! Never did that! But I have Poes, we had a nice cuddle last weekend, just made a post about it :-)!

  2. What a beautiful dog! We bet he and Sandy are best pals!

    Our dog Boo is MUCH smaller, but he says "arf, arf" too. Pets are beary good!

  3. Well, maybe not best buds... Maphew wants to play "rough" and drool all over me! We live in his basement suite so he comes down lots to visit.

    He is actually fascinated by kitties and likes to watch cat videos on Youtube and bark at them! Mama says he is a Youtube addict!

  4. Looks like you had fun. Be careful not to get Maphew too excited when you are around him, I'd hate to hear you met with an accident.