Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lake Louise (again!)

Another trip to Lake Louise??? Yup... that's what happens when people visit who have never seen the mountains... Sandy Bear - Tourista Guide!

Today was a beary whirlwind tour and started at the Chateau Lake Louise... which is beary old and beary beautiful and beary expensive.
 This sort of a view costs $$$$... but it's not too bad if you just want lunch!
 With a bit of luck, Sandy got to sit outside on the terrace and had a great view of the lake...
 After perusing the menu... which did not contain anything even vaguely honeyish... Sandy decided he wasn't all that hungry and would take some photographs instead....
 These were some cute little purple flowers... and nearby...
 A honeybee!!! Obviously collected pollen to take back to the honeycomb... Too bad, the hotel doesn't have a partnership with the bees.
Rather bored by all the people talk... Sandy played with the camera and took a photo of a waterglass... can you see the upside down mountain in the water part! Beary cool!
To top it all off... Sandy saw a moth... the butterflies wouldn't sit still long enough to be photographed. Which is too bad, because they were much more colourful than the moth!


  1. Beary nice photos Sandy! That chateau sure does look like a pricy place, but what a good idea to have lunch there; the view must have been spectacular. Those flower photos are great too! You didn't happen to see which way that bee went?...Jerry is always looking for honey!

  2. The view was a million dollars!! And lunch was... less than that! I think the bee was headed south... it is getting colder up here everyday!