Monday, September 24, 2012

In Search of the Elusive Peach...

You would think that... for a town that prides itself on being the peach capital of Canada, one would actually be able to find peach trees somewhere! But noooo... not so far!

What Sandy did find was tonnes and tonnes and tonnes (did we mention tonnes) of apple orchards!
 And these apples are grown via the escalier method (that's a French word, right Ben??). We think it means "step" or "up" - because the apple "trees" are trained to grow up and along trellises.
 It makes for beary skinny apple trees which are much easier to pick probably!
 Yummm!!! Fresh apples straight off the tree! But Sandy wasn't allowed to pick any - because they were still on the tree. This wasn't a "u-pick apple orchard"!
Then Sandy found a beary interesting electrical box... those aren't peaches though... those are apricots. Yummy! But where are those peach trees?? Sandy will have to continue his hunt... he's heard that fresh peaches are absolutely delicious... with peach juice running down your chin and arms... which, on second thought, might not be a great idea for a little bear!


  1. That escalier sounds like the word escalator which are those moving staircases that go up!!! Hey, I wonder if those words are related?

  2. Hmmmmm! Yummie! New apples are so very very yummie!

  3. @Beanie - We should ask Ben if "escalier" and "escalator" are related... he would know!

    @Hammie - oh yes... fresh apples taste SO much better than store-bought apples... oh yum!!!