Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Search of the Elusive Ogopogo

This morning, Sandy got up beary early... even before the sun was up! He had heard that the best time of day to see wildlife (which would include the Ogopogo) is at dawn. So up he was, toddling off to the beach, eagle eyes at the ready.
 It is beary quiet out... and the beach and lake are deserted except for...

 A little bear... on a mission.
 Sandy stands patiently, gazing out at the lake, waiting... and waiting...
 With a muffled squeak of delight, he points out something in the water! Could it be Ogopogo???? No... just some weeds.
 But then... off the side, Sandy sees some ripples on the water... something is coming!
 Is that the head of Ogopogo????? Oooh... could it be????
 No... it is just a duck... or perhaps Ogopogo wearing a duck hat?
 No... definitely just a duck... Sandy is a bit disappointed and toddles off down the beach... surely Ogopogo must be somewhere??
 Sandy finds a picture of Ogopogo! Which is better than nothing...
 And even has his picture taken with the legendary denizen of the deep.
 Around the corner, Sandy finds a beary perplexing thing... can you tell what it is? No?? Neither can Sandy.
How about now??? No... it took Sandy a while too... it is supposed to be a replica of a peach!! This is the Okanagan after all, land of fruit trees and wineries! Maybe the giant peach has scared Ogopogo away from this area of the lake??


  1. You got up so early, the lake was a smooth as glass! I think the Ogopogo was still asleep.

    A new book title: Sandy and the Giant Peach!

  2. We're glad that the Ogopogo remined hidden, he might have eaten you Sandy! Speaking of eating, that is one GIANT peach! Ben says the peach pit must be as large as a car!

  3. @Buttons - that could be beary true! Maybe Ogopogo slept in because it was Sunday?

    @Jerry & Ben - Oh! I never thought of that! He might have thought I was a duck or something! And it is a ginormous peach! Apparently Penticton has a peach festival every year. I think it should be a Bear Festival! Or Bears Eating Peaches festival...

  4. It was especially nice to see that you visited Penticton...sort of my own 'hood' but I grew up in Keremeos which is very close...Keremeos in the Okanogan language means 'Meeting of the Winds'. Did you get there Sandy?

  5. Good job you had your big puffa coat on! Looks cold near the waters edge!

  6. Just give him a bear growl, that will scare him away! GRRRRR

  7. Oh, I'm good a roaring!!! RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRR!! See?! I'd have scared him off!!

  8. @Rabz - yes, it s definitely cool in the mornings. Winter is coming!

    @ Jerry & Ben & Beanie - OK... I want all of you guys with me for the next Ogopogo hunt! With growling bears and a roaring mouse (who sounds like a lion!), we'd definitely scare away that Ogopogo (and all the tourists!).