Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home, Home on the Range

The Okanagan is kind of... dry... especially at this time of the year. Sandy wanders through the sage brush and the tumbled weeds, in search of adventure!
Whew... it's beary hot out here... and beary dry...
Wait a minute... what is that?? Can you see it... right in front of Sandy's nose??
Let's get a bit closer... do you see it???
There it is!! It's a cactus!!! An itty bitty teeny tiny cactus! Wow... it must be beary dry here for a cactus to grow!
Maybe that is why this homestead is abandoned? Maye it was too dry for farming and ranching? Mind you... just down the road are some ponds with turtles!
This place has definitely been abandoned for a while... but it is beary interesting...
Sandy likes to pose in front of the buildings... he is such a little camera-ham!
This must have been a pretty homestead back in the olden days.
And just across the street is the big old barn.
It definitely has roof issues...
And floor board issues too! Sandy is having fun exploring this part of Canada - sort of like the prairies but different too!


  1. Wow Sandy, that would be a beary awesome spot to shoot a western movie, starring that famous trio of Bear cowboys, Sandy, Jerry and Ben!!!! We could get a whole cast together with all are other pals! It would be a blast.

    "We'd just have to make sure to have enough honey on hand" says Jerry

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun!! We could invite Bob and Buttons, Dilly and Hammie and Sullivan... With all the fruit trees around, honey is definitely not a problem!

  3. Bob would look good with little toy pistols around his waist. Dilly could be the pretty western dancer at the local saloon (that serves only soda of course), Buttons could be the town marshall, Beanie would be the artist and take have a little shop that takes those old-style photographs on metal plates, and Sullivan could run the cafe that serves yummy breakfasts with toast and honey! It could be a great Canadian western! Oscars here we come!

  4. Oh! Love the new main photo with the pretty red leaves! That is a great one!

  5. Ohhh... I think I have stars in my eyes!! Visions of Hollywood and us accepting our Oscars! Would Bob just wear pistols? Or pistols on top of some clothes? (heh-heh!!)

    As for the red leaves... I was looking for red maples leaves... but we don't have them out here! Sigh... these were the only vaguely red ones I could find... they are beary pretty though!

  6. Watch out for Diamondback rattle snakes in those grasses!

  7. We have some red leaves here, red maple leaves, but the colors this year will not be as spectacular. Papa says its been too dry. But, all those leaves make great piles that we can jump into!

  8. @Lori - snakes too!?? This is a beary dangerous place... poison ivy, cacti, snakes!

    @Jerry & Ben - Yes, some of the leaves here are just going from green to brown... Do you help Papa rake?? Once he makes a big pile, you guys could run through it giggling wildly and scattering leaves hither & yon!!

  9. Papa rakes, but then we run and jump into the leaf piles and giggle, and Papa just shakes his head. Just don't jump into leaf piles while your sucking on a lollipop!

  10. @Jerry & Ben - no... lollipops and leaves probably don't mix very well! And make sure your dog Boo has been very tidy in the backyard before all the leaves get raked up into a big pile...