Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Flowers

Sandy's experience of the changing leaf colours has him a little bit concerned. What about the flowers? He didn't see any on the last hike! Are they all gone? What will happen to the honey bees if there are no flowers???
 Time for another excursion...
 This is a beary purposeful little bear!
 Oh look... a patch of flowers!!
 Yay!! These are beautiful yellow flowers... Common Toadflax... also known as Butter & Eggs... that is a much better name!
 And more yellow flowers...
 And more yellow flowers! There sure are a lot of yellow flowers around. These ones look a bit like the aneno... ameome... oh you know... those flowers!
They sure are pretty with those fluffy seed heads. And then... Sandy sees something different!
 Blue flowers! Yay... something different for a change.
Apparently these are Flax flowers... Sandy is glad there are still some pretty flowers out... and that the bees still have some pollen sources.


  1. We made a walk and saw a lot of flowers this afternoon! I like the blue and the fluffy one!

  2. We made a walk this afternoon and saw a lot of flowers too, I like the fluffy and the blue one on your post a lot!

  3. Ooh, I'm sorry, something went wrong yesterday... I thought the first one wasn't entered, so I made a new one...

  4. @Hammie - that's OK! They looked subtly different. Sometimes these blogger comment thingies don't work beary well!