Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electrical Boxes - Okanagan Style

Sandy is always on the lookout for painted electrical boxes... and while didn't find a lot of painted ones... he did find some photo-covered ones... here we go...
 A water scene...
 Grapes - because this is grape country you know!
 Cherries - taken from a moving vehicle - not the greatest picture...
Oh yeah... Jerry is going to like this one... a honey bee loaded down with honey in his little leg pouches!
 Early fruit farmers picking buckets of apples.
 And old house....
 Whoops - this is actually a wall mural - from World War I...
 A typical Okanagan scene - dry hills - lush pastures and cows!
And finally a sun flower!

There were more - but... moving vehicle photographs don't always work out!


  1. They do brighten up the street corners... but make for erratic driving sometimes... "Stop the car!!!"

  2. Wow those are beautiful! The apples look good enough to eat!

  3. Oh what fun!! I like your cable boxes!!!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - and did you see the honey bee on one of them!

    @Beanie - It's funny... once you start looking... they are everywhere!

  5. Oh, we didn't see the honey bee, but Jerry has his nose stuck the computer screen and we'll look right away!

  6. That's Jerry for you... any mention of honey and he is on it!