Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doors & Birds

Today Sandy bear found a little park in Winnipeg, which had a fountain in it! The wind was blowing the water onto the edge of the fountain, so Sandy had to be careful where he perched, otherwise he might have gotten a wet bear bum!
 This little park was full of murals - and the theme was Doors and Birds of the World.
 This mural is of a door and is actually on a door... of some utility shack...
 And here we have a green door that looks like it could be from Europe... with maybe some sea gulls and herons? And then something that looks like a picture frame?
 And then... a green door from somewhere... and a pink flamingo!! (Sandy could identify that bird easily!)
 Then a couple of doors... not sure where from... with a green parrot and some other birds..
 This one has a white door which looks like a North American door! And another beary fancy door with an owl next to it.
And finally... a door that is a curtain with a... hmmm... a toucan?? And a bald eagle (Sandy knows that bird too!)

Hmmm... clearly Sandy needs to study up on doors and birds!


  1. So many cool doors! Did you knock on any of them to see if someone was home? hehe

  2. @Jerry and Ben - oooh... knock on strange doors?? There might be super scary birds back there... like pterodactyls or something!

    @Hammie - Yes they are beautiful! And they really brightened up this little corner of Windypeg... err... Winnipeg!

  3. True! We didn't think of any scarey things behind the doors. New suggestion: don't knock on any strange doors Sandy!

  4. @Buttons - yes - and they make this little park beary pretty!

    @Jerry & Ben - That's the thing... knock on one door and you might get a dove... or you might get a pterodactyl!! I think I would need some back-up before knocking on those strange doors - like a whole assembly of little bears!