Saturday, September 15, 2012

Circle of Stones

Sandy has heard about Stonehenge... and he knows that Hammie has found interesting dolmens in The Netherlands. So he wonders if maybe Canada has something like that too! On one of his hikes he spied something in the distance... something beary interesting!
 Can you see it?? It's a line of rocks!
 No wait... it's a big circle of rocks!! With other rocks in the middle...
This smaller pile looks like a circle-ish shape too. Is it a prehistoric site?? Maybe it was used for something back in the olden days?
Wait a minute... that looks like it spells "O E... and O E" again... Maybe not so prehistoric... Or it could be "3 0... and 3 0" if you stood at the opposite end of the circle.... Or it could be "W and O" on top of each other... "Wo Wo"?? Or... it could be "O and M" on top of each other... "Om Om"?? That sounds like a noise a bear might make!!! So does Wo Wo too!!
This could be a bear monument!! Maybe... maybe not... because it would take a whole bunch of little bears to move even one of these stones... Sandy is going to have to keep his eyes peeled to find more of these! He could try making a monument too (with smaller stones)...


  1. I thought you guys might be on board with that! Of course... there could be mouse monuments too!

  2. Mouse monuments????? Really?!! Do you think so?!!!! Gosh, that would be exciting!!

  3. It looks like a giant stone mandala!

  4. @Beanie - you never know!! Some of the inukshuks we've seen look suspiciously like a mouse...

    @Hammie - it does, doesn't it!