Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bird Watching can be Dangerous!

After having no luck with Ogopogo... or peaches for that matter... Sandy decided to try something a bit more mundane... bird watching! It should be fairly easy to find a bird down here! Sandy gets out of the car at a small lake and takes a walk...
 There are some beary pretty red leaves... which means Fall is definitely enroute.
 But there are lots of leaves that are still green... so maybe Fall is still a ways away?
There is still a butterfly around too! Isn't it pretty?? Those little blue spots look beary cute...
Well here we are... there is a bird watching hut... Sandy sneaks up and takes a little peak through the window...
Hmmm... no birds in sight... at least not here.
 Sandy toddles down the board walk again - maybe the birds are somewhere else?
 Oooh... this is a pretty spot to sit!! Maybe the birds will come here too because it is so calm and peaceful?
Yes!!! A big heron (crane?) flew overhead and landed in the water just a little ways away. He looks like he's waiting for some little fish or frogs to swim by.

Sandy was beary happy to have seen a bird... He walked back to the beginning of the trail and saw this sign... gulp...

Poison Ivy???? That is only supposed to be out east!! BC doesn't have poison ivy?? Does it?
Ooh... those were those plants that Sandy saw which were still green... He stood in front of them and almost (almost!) touched them. That would not have been beary nice! Can you imagine what a little bear would look like if he touched poison ivy??


  1. Oh no! Don't touch the poison ivy Sandy! You'll itch all over!

    We see lots of your neighbors, Canadian geese, flying south! We think they must have condos down in Mexico and are escaping some of the cold winter to come.

  2. No kidding!! And I might get all red and splotchy too!

    We still have some Canada Geese up here. Do you think they have condos in Mexico?? That makes a lot of sense! I told Mama that we should go down and see what the geese are up to... We could call it "research"!!

  3. Ooh, we could all rent a condo and play on the beach and make Sandy Castles! hehe.

    Ben and Jerry have a special announcement on their blog...