Monday, September 10, 2012

Artistic Utility Boxes

Beanie recently posted his collection of photographs of painted cable boxes... They make the cityscape much prettier. And we have some here as well! Apparently they are supposed to be an anti-graffiti deterrent... but they just look pretty...
This was the first one that Sandy spotted... it looks like tulips, which should make Hammie & Sullivan happy!
And then, just a block away was another one. This one looks like it has poppies on it. Sandy thinks this one and the tulip one were done by the same artist... they style looks beary similar.
We didn't spot any for several days after that... but then... along the river, there was this one!
 It is of salmon swimming in the river - beary nice! Sandy wanted to jump in the river and look for the salmon but Mama said it was too deep for a little bear. Salmon are beary yummy... especially smoked salmon!

Sandy doesn't think this one should count - because it's really a photograph on an utility box! But it still looks pretty. It is near Chinatown (hence the cherry blossoms).
This one was making Sandy dizzy! It almost looks like an Escher drawing... beary distracting...

And that's it so far...we'll post more as we find them...


  1. We love the flower one! Those are good artists!

  2. Yes, and it turns out they are everywhere! I keep telling Mama to stop the car but... she doesn't. Maybe one day I will get back to take a picture of the bucking bronco ones!

  3. Ooh, they are beautiful! Now you can have tulips all year long! Not just in spring! Great idea! Must look around more to see if we got some of those boxes overhere!

  4. @Hammie - Oooh... I never thought of that! Tulips all year long - that is a nice thought!