Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Waterfall

Due to a traffic jam and absolutely NO parking at Moraine Lake near Lake Louise (NONE!)... Sandy and crew decided to head west into BC and visit Takkakaw Falls. "Takkakaw" is a First Nations word that means "magnificent". After all the beautiful waterfalls yesterday, Sandy wasn't sure that anything could be better but...
 Oh yeah... these are definitely "magnificent"!! Wow... and such a great day for it too!
Hmmm... this water looks beary white... almost like milk... apparently the pulverized rock flour only looks green when the water has stopped flowing. Can you see that there are actually two waterfalls up there? A little one that flows down into a basin and then the whole thing bounces out of the basin... and falls a lonnnngg way down.
This waterfall is cool because you can climb all the way to the base... but there is quite a breeze blowing and a lot of spray... beary nice on a hot day!

After all of that... we went back to Lake Louise and managed to find a parking spot so Sandy could at least see one iconic lake of the Canadian Rockies...
 It was beary nice there... although the water was ice-cold!
 One day, Sandy may hike around Lake Louise to the Tea House (they might have honey there).


  1. Beary beautiful waterfalls! And, you say there is a Honey House nearby! We're there! hehe

  2. It is beary beautiful there! They seem a little twitchy about bears though... so not sure we'd be allowed in the Honey House...

  3. Beautiful waterfalls! Love the Lake Louise pictures.