Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Old Railway

While the day was still young, and relatively cool, Sandy went on a hike along the old Kettle Valley Railway.
 The train doesn't run there anymore (and hasn't for decades). That's OK though... it makes a nice hike!
 Because it's a railway, it doesn't climb very steeply - so it meanders up the mountain quite a bit. Sandy didn't hike the whole way - but only hiked 4.4 km (and then back again!) - which is quite a way for a little bear.
 And hiking can be dangerous too! This time there is no poison ivy... just the threat of rattlesnakes... oy!
 This is the route where the railway used to be. It is a bit dusty but makes for easy hiking.
 The old railway even passes some cliffs - Sandy wanted to do some rock climbing - but didn't get very far before he ran out of oomph.
 In between the Ponderosa Pines, Sandy catches glimpses of Okanagan Lake... beary pretty!
And these pines make some of the biggest pine cones that Sandy has ever seen!! They are almost as big as his little bear head!
 Now that is a view! Sandy is overlooking a place called Naramata - lots of vineyards and orchards down there.
But there is a bit of a haze hanging around. That's because there is a fire off to the south (to the left) - hopefully it won't come up here! Sandy is glad he doesn't suffer from smoke allergies!
We are beary high up on the mountain now... with a great view of the lake... but still no sign of Ogopogo.
 But there is tunnel up here!! That is cool... hah-hah... both literally and figuratively. It was nice to get out of the hot sun.
 The tunnel wasn't very long though - and that's probably why it is called "Little Tunnel". Guess all the good names had been taken by the time this tunnel got named...
Sandy took a break after his marathon hike (8.8 km is beary long for little bear!) and enjoyed the view (clouded by smoke) and kept his toes crossed that he would maybe see Ogopogo... he'd still be up there waiting if it was up to him!


  1. Hello! Today we helped a friend move to her new house, when we came back there was a package from you! We'll make a post about it soon! Thank you for sending me such a nice pacage! I'm very proud of my gold medal!

  2. Some beautiful sites Sandy! We love trains too, choo choo!

  3. @Hammie - oh good!! It finally arrived... it got sent surface, which probably meant dog-sled and then row-boat!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Trains are great... reminds me of my train ride from London to Brighton!