Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monsoons & Flooding

Hullo... I took matters into my own paws today and dragged my human out for a walk. It's been bucketing rain today... what... you can't see me?

Oh... there we go! Yes... I need all my rain gear today... although, it does seem to have stopped raining momentarily.

Let's head out and see what we can find...

Right... I wonder if this counts as an extreme weather event?

 So far the trail is all good...

 There's just a little trickle in the ditch...

 I shoulda brought my boat... the SS Rubbermaid!

Hmmm... the ditch is getting fuller!

Oh yeah... here we go!!

Oooohhh... it's beary full... overflowing its banks actually!

I think I'll skip the SS Rubbermaid... I'd end up down in the ocean pretty quick!

Yep... here we go... trail flooded. Ah well... there's another way around this spot.

Let's go!

Hmm... this side trail is flooded....

As is this one!

Wow... this is what it looks like now...

And this is what it looks like in August...

Sandy Bear signing off from the flooded river (yep, they call this a river...).


  1. Like your yellow slicker and hat. Make sure you don't get washed away. Is the SS Rubbermaid any more seaworthy than she was before?...

  2. Me thinks it's time to mothball the SS Rubbermaid.

  3. That is a lot of water. Don't get washed away! Oh, and the raincoat looks great!

  4. Forgot about the SS Rubbermaid! You need a submarine!

    By the way, where did you get your raincoat? I'd like to get one.. in a slightly larger size