Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tins, Tins and More Tins!

Hullo! Happy belated Easter everyone! We're a bit out of sync with the real world sooo... can't say much about Easter other than there were no chocolate Easter bunnies here! Hmph... On the other hand... last week, we found a passel of neat tins at a thrift store... Want to see?

Wow... look at them all!!

There were 4 (FOUR!) Harrods Tins...

We know a certain Auntie who would like those...

And then there were a couple with the Tower of London on them...

We're keeping those for cookie tins... I figure if we have tins... then "someone" might actually bake cookies to fill them!

And then there's this cool Mounties tin!

It's kind of triangular...

And has two Mounties riding...

And one standing... hmmm...

That's better!! Should I keep this one too?


  1. You do look smashing in the Mountie uniform!

  2. Mountie Tin! It would make a great hiding place for all of Sandy's special outfits and accessories...or a special stash of snacks!

  3. Soooooo, are we taking orders for full tins of cookies coming from Sandy's house to other stuffies homes??????/....If so I will take a round tin full of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

  4. Oh wow!!!! I like the smaller Tower of London tin best!!! Good haul though!! And I think Auntie Pamela will be super jealous!!!