Monday, April 24, 2017

The Hike of Dead Cars

Hiya, I'm out on a hike and came across these interesting-leafed plants...

With a flower almost blooming. I'm thinking it's an orchid-y flower but... not quite sure. Any ideas?

And... hmm... some derelict homeless camp from last year.

 With old propane tanks and junk. Sigh...

And over here is a dead car. I know it's dead cause it's shot full of holes! Is it a Ford? Dodge? Chrysler??

More flowers!! At least I know what these ones are... daffodils!

Hmmm... a dead bike and...

Another homeless camp...

We were doing some cross-country bushwhacking and it was a bit wet and... well... Mama's got two soakers again.

Finally... a trail!!!

With another dead car...

It looks kind of like a Star Wars wreck, don't you think?

Nice view from here!

Ooh... and some interesting flowers.

This is called Mullein... it's a biennial... renowned for its herbal properties... Might have to scavenge a couple of these later...

Oohhh... another dead car... This is crazy!

A bit of a steep cliff here...

But some cool sandstone boulders along this cliff...

Could almost be a nice bear fort.

Just need a roof.

Or not... it looks nice this way!

That rock looks a bit precarious.

 It has been a beary wet spring and there is water everywhere!

 Now to find our way home... without getting wet!


  1. We've heard that in African, elephants sometimes go to the same place in order to pass away; the elephant graveyard. Do you think that cars do the same thing?

    1. Yes, we've heard that about elephants too!

    2. Hmmm... that is a definite possibility. And then their tires go somewhere else!

  2. Very interesting thought, J & B. The big junkyard in the sky?

    1. The Hidden Life of Dead Cars... I see a best-seller!