Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Garden Update

Well... back home and it's time to get to work! Let's see how the garden is doing, shall we?

First though... we need to finish some home-made chicken noodle soup. A little bear has to keep up their strength you know.

Alright... here is our garden book... and the West Coast Seeds magazine with a planting timetable.

Have "we" planted anything while I was away?? Have we?? Do we have any seeds left?

Ahhh... lots of seeds. Alright, let's go!

Rascal and I are ready for our tour...

Oooh... while I was gone, we apparently got a new patio door! Good thing, the old one had very poor energy efficiency and was beary leaky.

Here's the greenhouse...

Nice!!! There's some mesculan mix and some corn salad and few spinaches...

 More of the same over here... along with some radishes... just not as far along.

 Outside... we have some kale and more of the spinach, mesculan, corn salad and radishes.

 The herbs are doing fine... some thyme...


And chives!

The winter kale is bushing out nicely... we'll get some good leaves over the next few weeks.

Garlic is up about 6 inches... nice.

Flower beds are coming along...

 But everything is slow this year... it's been a cold, wet spring and things are about 3 weeks behind. The bleeding heart is looking good though.

Here's the Berginia with it's pink flowers...

 We have lots of primroses which are doing very well!

 Hmmm... I wonder if this magical little bear door is working yet?

Nope... I'm still here and not where I wanted to go!

Let's see... some parsley...

 Not a great picture but... it's our baby fig tree! Mmmm... figs!

And... oh dear... here we have the shed and... well... it needs some serious organizing and tidying up!

 Good thing I'm here then!


  1. If you have thyme, you must have parsley, sage, and rosemary as well...right? Right??....

  2. Garden is looking good already! Jerry suggests planting some THYME near the secret door--he says that maybe some THYME will activate the TIME portal and you'll be able to travel and see your stuffie pals... Then again, maybe Jerry has been watching too much Dr. Who.

  3. That might work. As long as you do it in a THYMEly fashion.

    1. Hmmm... me thinks you guys have too much Thyme on your hands!

  4. Garden looks great....can't wait to plant vegetables in our garden, if only we had THYME to do it this weekend.

    1. You can't just "find the Thyme" you have to "make Thyme"!!