Friday, April 14, 2017

Forest Walk

I got out into the forest for a walk today! Yay!

 The last few weeks have been kind of stressy with Grampa in hospital... so it's good to get out into nature.

Heh-heh... this tree root is funny!

I wonder what will happen to the young tree when the nurse stump decays??

Ummm... kinda stuck actually... help?

Hmmm... I didn't know bushwhacking was part of this adventure. Oof... this salal is horrible stuff!!

***trip... stumble*** I'm here!! Wherever here is!

Oooh... well, this is pretty!!

 Now we just have to fight our way out of here.

But then Mama saw this... she dared me to walk out there...

Ummm.. how about I double-dare YOU to walk out there!

 Nope... neither one of us is going to walk out there...

Although it does look tempting...

This is a nice hike...

 On the way home, we saw this funky tree... What does it look like to you??


  1. It looks like a dragon to us too. Jerry says name is Fred, and that he really likes cookies, so you're supposed to leave a plate of cookies for him each day.

    Jerry would like to know the address where that dragon is located....

    1. The address is "Up the Road"... but the bear is a celiac diabetic soooo... do you have a cookie recipe that would accommodate that?

  2. That is a very skinny footbridge. Perhaps you should carry a life jacket just in case you decide to go across it.

    I too would like the address of the dragon is located and if you can email me the cookie placement schedule I would appreciate it.

    1. A life jacket would make sense... or at least a boat or a canoe or some flotation device!

      The address is "Up the Road"... and the cookie placement schedule is pending while Ben researches cookies suitable for a celiac diabetic dragon.

  3. It looks like a dragon!!

    where is your tupperware boat when you need it Sandy?

  4. As for the dragon tree... I kinda thought it looked like a bent over tree monster with two arrows in its back... hmmm...