Friday, April 28, 2017

Adventures in the Marsh - Part 3

A few weeks back, I was on an adventure in the Marsh... it was totally soggy and flooded... but now it is drier, so we are trying again. Wait... do you see that over there??

It's a deer!! As long as it stays down here, I'm fine... but stay out of my yard and leave my tulips alone!

Oh hey, look at this, the trail is actually passable...

Pretty (but stinky Skunk Cabbages are out).

They're so cheery...

And fun to take pictures of.

It's also called Swamp Lantern... and bears love the roots after they wake up from hibernation!! Why? Cause they act as a laxative... errr.... too much information Wikipedia.

Pretty though.

The bush is greening up nicely too.

Ooh, an old shovel...

A patch of stinging nettle! Cool!!

Actually... a huge patch! We should pick some...

 And (finally), Mama is prepared for all eventualities and has packed everything we need...

That's a nice batch... but now, we have to cut our hike short and head home...

Gotta make something with the nettles...

This book suggests blanching them...

Let's give that whirl.

Hmmm... apparently they taste a bit like spinach...

Well... yes they do... a bit chewier maybe... but good!


  1. You're an expert on living off the land, Sandy! Does boiling take the sting out of the nettles?

    1. Boiling, or even blanching, does indeed take the sting out. It's kind of like spinach... except fuzzier.

  2. What a fun hike. Jerry would like to know: did you see any bees in on your hike?

    1. The bees have been beary slow to come out this year. It's been much cooler than normal. I did see a few big bumble bees but not the flocks like we normally have.

  3. We have lots of skunk cabbage on the Oregon Coast as well.

    1. I think we have a very similar climate and ecosystem.

  4. Looks good! Would go great with a bit of salmon...