Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Forks - but no Knives or Spoons

Hullo! Guess what... We made it to The Forks! Whew... what a trek. Do you see that sign? Ben would be able to translate that for us easily... I"m going to guess that La Fourche is The Forks in French!

Here we are... Turns out... it's not called the Forks cause of gastronomie but because this where the Assiniboine and Red Rivers meet. Cool...

This bridge crosses the Assiniboine River. It was an old railway bridge but now it's for little bears (and humans).

Ah... a map... these are always good... let's see... uh-huh... OK... good. Let's go!

Hmmm... this is an art exhibit made out of robe. It's supposed to look like some of the ice fishing shelters the early settlers used. I tend to think the wind would have cut through this pretty crisply... but it's art... so....

Oh hey... that looks weird... It's a big circle with all these metal things pointing up to the sky...

Hmmm... this one talks about Isis... and constellations...

 This one talks about a constellation and Mesopotamia... is this some world religion thing?

 Hmm... I see people down there... and...

 This one is about a Chinese Legend and the star Vega... ohhh... I think I get it...

 If you stand in the middle of the circle... where all those people are taking up space... and it's dark out... those circles on the ends of the poles will align so that you can identify stars!! Isn't that cool?

And those round things on the drawings are probably the star locations... neat... too bad it's not dark out!

Let's see.... what else is here... Hey, that looks like a spaceship!! I'll just hike up this hill...

And hike a bit more...

***puff... huff...*** Ugh!!! Pooped!!!

 And... it's not a spaceship nor a starship... It's the Human Rights Museum. Whew...

Mama says they're not open right now... sooo... what else can we find here at The Forks?

Umm... what the heck is that?

It looks like a giant lemon? Does that look like a lemon to you too?

 OK... Ben... we need you!!Something about national historic something...

I like the beaver logo though... That's the national animal of Canada you know! But... do you see that container with all the metal bars on it... we found a beary mysterious sign...

It has a label on it... It says "Bureau Veritas 1828"... Mama knows that Veritas means Truth... and Bureau means Office (although it can be dresser in some contexts)... So what we have here is the...

Truth Office or Office of Truth. Oooohhh... that sounds like something out of The Matrix or The Hunger Games or Harry Potter or something... beary mysterious... I might need to research this more!

Anyhow... a bit farther along we found... the Public Orchard!

It's only 5 years old... but they planted all these little fruit trees and bushes. The idea is that when they produce fruit, anybody can come and harvest it. Kind of neat.

Even though the trees are little... this one already has some apples!

 The raspberry bushes look beary good too... although not quite as far along as ours.

The Forks also has a big market with little shops in an old warehouse building... They have bakeries, coffee shops, tourist shops and...

Stop the tour!!! Do you see what I see??

It's a "all things Manitoba" shop with... I'm sure that's some honey that I see!!! Signing off for now!


  1. Truth office? I don't like the sound of that. Seems like something out of "1984"
    The beaver logo is cool, eh? That particular animal is on my state flag as well.

    1. It does sound rather ominous, doesn't it? Sherlock Sandy will do some research once he gets home.

  2. What a great place! We'd definitely spend some of our allowance in the gift shop. Ben says the French is National Historical Site/Place... He also says if you need a French translator to tag along, you know if Rose isn't traveling too, that he's available.

    1. That would be cool. Mama has promised me a trip to Montreal at some point in the future... a French translator would be a definite asset!

  3. This blog post sounds beary similar to a song by Alanis Morrissette:

    "It's like ten thousand spoons, but all you need is a knife.."