Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On the Hunt for Bees!

Hullo!! It's our last afternoon in Winterpeg... err... Winnipeg. As you can see, it is a glorious sunny day and there are a lot of people out and about! One of the people Mama was meeting with gave her a tip about some bees... so we are going to go and find them. I am looking for a caboose... like a train caboose.... So. Off we go!

 First... we walked by the Legislature again... This time, I discovered that they have fountains out back! They must not have been running the other day.

 But the bears aren't being watered... They are here on a holiday from the north.

 There's even a totem pole from BC here!!

 It looks like it could use a new paint job...

Hey... a back alley!!! I wonder... ooh... I see something interesting!

Holly hocks!! Hammie Hamster has a big red one in his yard! There are all sorts of colours here... and....

 Even some beary dark pink ones... that sort of look red!

 A bit farther down the road and... what is this? An anchor?

Seriously? The Naval Museum of Manitoba??? Really??? Well... I guess Manitoba does have a port on Hudson's Bay but...

Ahh... it's for all the Prairie Sailors who served in World War 2.

OK... that makes sense.

 This is neat... it's the old gate from Fort Garry! Way back in the early 1800s, the Hudson's Bay Company established a fort here as one of their trading posts. And a bit of it is here...

 I hope they didn't trade in bear pelts!

 At last... Union Station! Maybe I'll find the caboose with bees here...

 It's a beary large building...

 With a cool domed entrance!

We walked through the train station (under the platforms) and got spit out at The Forks! Except a part of it we hadn't seen. There are some old train cars here... This used to be for passengers...

 And this is an old box car...

OOOH!!! A caboose!!!! Is this it??

It is!!! Do you see the hives on the roof!!!??

 There are bees going in and out!! I could climb up there and do a hive inspection... you know... to ummm... ensure they are following all safety protocols and stuff...

 But... they rungs of the ladder don't go all the way to the roof... sigh...

And Mama refused to throw me up on the roof. Phooie!

 Although... she did go into The Forks marketplace and buy me a surprise!! I wonder what it could be...  I guess I'll have to wait until we get home. That's it for our trip to Winterpeg...

I said goodbye to the RCMP Bear (Royal Canadian Mounted Polar Bear)... he must be related to Ajdin... no pants!!!


  1. I didn't know that Winnepeg had so much to do. Is it on a great lake?

    1. I didn't either! It's not on a great lake - stuck on the eastern edge of the prairies. The shield isn't too far away though. Mind you... back during the time of the glaciers, all of Winnipeg was part of Glacial Lake Agassiz. Cool, eh? All that really means is that Winnipeg sits on glacial clay and that their roads heave horribly during the winter. Yuck...

  2. Great photos! We love trains. There wasn't a coffee shop in the caboose?

    1. Trains and Bees. Winnepeg would be perfect for you two.

    2. No coffee shop in the caboose... no Starbucks anywhere near the Forks actually! Go figure...

  3. WOW! That red hollyhock is so pretty! Do you have any of those flowers in your garden, Sandy? And what is the surprise? Certainly Sherlock Sandy has already done some snooping around in Mama's purse by now...

    1. It is, isn't it?? We have tiny, baby hollyhock growing in our garden. If Hammie's are anything to go by... we might need to wait a year or two before they get big. Mama took the bag off to Vancouver with her (and without me!)... soooo... I have to wait til Monday... or maybe Tuesday... grumble...

  4. ooooh! Thank you for showing us the hollyhocks!!!! We love them soooo much!