Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back Home!

Hullo! I am back home after my Winterpeg trip. Now I can check the mail and unpack... and then it's time to check the garden! First up... a couple of postcards!

The Ohio one is from Jerry & Ben. They went to Ohio with their Papa... cool!

The weird statue postcard is from Hammie! He went to a Mayan display at one of the museums. Neat!

Thanks guys! I was kind of worried that the mail would get stuck in a Canada Geese postal dispute... but they are back at the negotiating table...

Now... time to unpack!

 Let's see...  I bought a few treats to use in a future contest...

Oh yeah... these are yummy!

And some of these... forgot about these...

Heh-heh... I think Beanie might like these!

Ohhh... and these too...

Let's see... what else is in here? (It's kind of like Hermione's magical bag in Harry Potter!)

Eh?? What's this??? I don't remember packing this!!

Could it be?? Is it??? Did Mama get me a surprise!!! Stay tuned!


  1. Is that a new hat? The suspense is killing me.

    1. It's killing me too! Mama says "patience build moral fibre" or something silly...

  2. A new hat!? How did everything fit into your bag?

    1. It kind of looks hat-ish, doesn't it? I think my backpack comes from the same line of luggage as Hermione Granger's "bottomless" purse in Harry Potter...

  3. Suspense? Oh no! We can't wait!!

    The new backpack looks super cool!

    We're behind in our blogging, but should catch up soon.

    1. I might not survive the suspense! Argh... Can't wait to see what adventures you guys have been up to.

  4. That bag looks like the bag of Mary Poppins, there's a lot inside!!!