Thursday, June 9, 2016

Garlic in the Garden

Hullo! The rain finally stopped and we got to play in the garden for a bit.

"My goodness," exclaimed  Ben, "your garlic scapes are ready to pick..."

 Uh-oh... I think we are going to be put to work!

"Me too," said Jerry, "I am going to do an inspection to see if the bees survived the rain. This is a beary important job you know."

"Hmmmm... looks like the strawberries are almost ready."

"Ooooh!!! I think I see one!... Oh wait... it's a red-painted rock!"

"What the heck??.... Oh wait... Sandy's mom says that these are decoys to fool the vermin. The idea is that they will bite the rocks and learn to leave the strawberries alone. Must make a note of this technique."

"But there are some real strawberries in here too."

"look at that one... mmmmmm..."

"It was beary good!"

"Sandy's garden also has a bunch of red poppies in it... but I don't see any bees yet."

"A beautiful foxglove... Little Fox would like this!

Meanwhile... we get to harvest garlic scapes... ooohhh...

We need a pair of clippers...

And a steady paw... Whew... these sure smell like garlic!

"And then we put them all in this bag," said Ben, "Later we will make garlic scape pesto!"

Catching up with Jerry... "Shhh... be beary beary quiet... do you see it?? On the lettuce???"

"Near my left ear??"

"It's a bee!!! A massive, ginormous bumble bee... On the lettuce!!"

 "Isn't it beautiful??? Maybe it's drinking lettuce sap?? I think we need to branch out at home and plant some lettuce!"

"I'll have to make notes to bring home to Papa..."


  1. Lettuce would be a great addition to your garden Jerry. I have lettuce in my garden and it always comes in early. I haven't seen any bees in my garden but the hummingbirds have found the new feeder I had my roommates purchase. Jerry, I think you need to convince your friends to take you to Planet Bee.

  2. Oh..... just remembered!! What did you do with your mudlarking findings? Did you put them in a rock garden or something....? Did you show Jerry and Ben???!

  3. Oh what a lovely delicious, juicy strawberry! *takes a bite*

    I think I just lost all of my teeth.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Be careful of those strawberry decoys - a missing tooth might not be the best thing for a bear who wants to be president.

  4. Papa: Jerry must be having an amazing time in Sandy's beautiful garden! Ben is probably think of ways to cook with the yummy garlic.