Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Garden Tour - The Flowers (by Jerry)

Hullo... Jerree here. I iz goin to give a tur of Sandees garden. flowers.

Sandee has a lot of flowers in hees garden. Which is beary good for beez!! Here we have some delfinium... aren't they a bee-utiful colour?

Sandee also has this perennial lavatera or mallow... it eez also a lovellee color...

Now thees one is beary eenteresting. It draws both beez AND hummingbirds.... it comes in red...

and peenk! Anytheeng that attrakts beez is a good thing!

Sandee has also planted borage in many places in his yard. Beez LOVE borage and there were many beez in Sandy's garden but... none that would take time out of their busy skedule to chat with us. Sigh.

Sweet peez everywhere.... they smell good and I theenk they atrakt bees too.

In the last blog post, Sandee mentioned the monster leeks in front of the shed. Theeze were left over from last year so they are going to flower. Sandee tells me that bees ADORE these big flowers. Thees one is not quite open yet. It needs sunshine...

The calendula are leftover from last year... they look purty but not a big bee attractor.

Hmmm... the hummingbirds better watch out!!

Steel some poppies around. Theze ones self-seeded but...

I am totally eempressed with this perennial poppy!!! It ees soooo bee-utiful. It is called the California Tree Poppy or the Matilija Poppy or the Romneya 'White Cloud' poppy. Beary atraktive to beez!!

And... some Shasta Daisies!! Sandee says they will be transplanted around the yard. I like that Sandee mixes his plants - veggies, flowers and herbs all together. Speaking of herbs... Ben is up next!!


  1. Papa: Wow! Your flowers are looking great Sandy! Jerry will sure get some wonderful ideas to use in his garden!

    1. Oh good! The bees seem to love all our flowers, which is what Jerry was most concerned about.

  2. Great tour Jerry! I love Poppies - especially the orange ones, nickname California Poppy.

    Does Sandy have and hummingbird feeders around the garden? We have one and the birds LOVE IT.

    1. Sadly, no hummingbird feeders... other than the flowers!

  3. So many flowers! The bees must be having a grand old time.