Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Two Christmas Cards!

I got my first Christmas card of the season this past week! Guess who it's from??

Can you guess?? Yup... it's Jerry & Ben!

They must have "encouraged" their sekrebeary to be super organized this year!

Very organized... they got "real" cards printed! Looks like they are having fun in the snow this year. Sigh... snow...

Anyhow... I asked Mama if we could put this on our Christmas card holder and...

She said "yes"!! As you can see... my Christmas card is the only one we've received so far... Stuffies do get way more mail than humans you know... funny how that works.

Update!! We got more mail!! Can you tell who this might be from??

It's from Beanie!! He used a Tandoori restaurant flyer to make an envelope...

And the inside of the envelope had mouth-watering curries on offer... mmm... Britain has THE best curries... outside of India of course.

And then there's the card - a beary nice card too!! Thanks Beanie!

So... let's see... we are now Stuffies 2 and Humans 1. Given that there are two humans and only 1 stuffie, I think I am doing beary well in the Christmas Card Contest!


  1. Excellent!!! Seems a lot of people like my envelopes as much as the card in it!!!!!

  2. We know right away when there is Beanie mail! Your card holder looks beary nice! Jerry thought about sending you a box of snow, but it would probably melt before it reached you.

    1. I do think snow would melt... although if you had a refrigerated cooler... it might make it. Along with some salmon and cookies of course.

  3. Hopefully my card will arrive soon to make it stuffies 3, humans 1.

  4. I'm sure you will get many more cards coming your way Sandy! GO TEAM STUFFIES