Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stowaway Bear

Shhh... Mama's been beary secretive about what's in the spare bedroom... Spooky's keeping a lookout while I go in for a peek.

 Let's see... Ah-hah!!! It is what I suspected!

A suitcase!! Someone is going on a trip... and I've heard beary little about this trip... soooo...

I'm going to try what Little Fox did... stowaway! (I think Ajdin did it once too... but I can't find that blog - sorry Ajdin!)

Well... there was a lot of bumping and moving... and an awfully long flight but then... it felt like we landed... So  I took a peek out.... Hmmm... that looks beary familiar!! Are we in Calgary?

But we're not leaving the airport... in fact... Mama got herself a hot chocolate...

But it's definitely Calgary... I wonder what our final destination is?

After a bit of waiting... we got on another plane. Boy, this flying business is sure boring when you're stuck in a bag! But... I did manage to sneak a peek while Mama went to the washroom... we are over the Prairies somewhere. I wonder if we're going to visit Jerry & Ben?

 Finally!! We arrived! Mama opened her suitcase and I popped out and surprised her!

Heh-heh... alright, let the adventures begin! Where are we? Winnipeg?? Oh well... Winnipeg could be fun. I want to go to Portage & Main... and see the Forks... and maybe go to a horse race out at Assiniboine...

What?? What do you mean this isn't a tourist trip??? But... but... hmph!

So yes... I sulked in bed for a few days... Mama did take me along in her backpack but as she said... there wasn't a lot of time for sightseeing. Sigh...

One day, she brought me back a present... Hmmm Strawberry Yogurt???

But when I opened it up... it wasn't yogurt... ***lick***

It's creamed honey!!! From Mama's friend the beekeeper!! All for me... Ok, this trip isn't so bad now.

Oh... and I did get to tag along to Starbucks so I could catch up on blogs and stuff...

And we did even manage to run a Fort Garry Dark to ground! Mmmmm....

Although... I don't think stowing away works beary well for me... there must be a technique I haven't managed to figure out yet.


  1. Winnepeg doesn't seem too bad, don't they have the largest percentage of bars per capita in Canada?

    Did you visit the Royal Canadian Mint to pick up some cash? Do you think they have an ATM machine at the mint that pulls cash directly from the assembly line?

  2. They may indeed. As for the Royal Canadian Mint... sigh... that will have to wait until next time. Along with the Human Rights Museum... and a variety of other things. I wonder if it's time for a Mid Year Review!

  3. Winnipeg! That's just up the road from Sioux Falls (well, many miles of driving, but "close" when you live in the Midwest), and we've always wanted to visit there. They have a winter Festival du Voyageur that would be really fun, and you know that Ben loves everything French. Glad you wore your leather jacket, because the temperatures are slowly dropping!

  4. Stowaway Sandy... I have been on those business trips before also, and while they aren't as fun as pure sightseeing trips, at least it's a nice stay in a hotel with room service!