Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Preparations

Whew... working hard to make my pumpkin and Halloween costume for Jerry & Ben's contest. It's been a busy week, so I was working on it Friday night.

Last year, I worked with Spooky to create an integrated costume, pumpkin and side-kick....

This year, I'm going in a different direction and Spooky is a bit miffed. She is seriously frowning at me but... what can you do.

So... first up is pumpkin carving while watching the Blue Jays & Royals. (The Blue Jays lost... sigh.)

Before we can get around to carving, we need to gut the pumpkin.

Cut off the top... being careful because of the knife.

And then use our pumpkin carving kit from last year to scoop out the guts. The gut-scooper with the kit works WAY better than a spoon.

There we go... all scooped.

These are the guts and seeds. I told Mama to fish out the seeds because I need them for my costume.

She looked a bit skeptical but I used my trade-marked "little bear stare"...

And chilled out with Rascal for a while.

Ah... see... it worked. Pumpkin seeds all washed and drying.

Why do I need pumpkin seeds for my costume? Well... you'll just have to wait and see!!


  1. Hmm.. pumpkin seeds plus a bit of camouflage... this will be interesting

  2. Hopefully you have some extra seeds to toast in your oven with salt and olive oil.

  3. We've heard rumors about an extra special Jerry's Corner on Wednesday...