Monday, August 31, 2015

Spirits of the Forest

Hullo again! A few more adventures while I was on holidays... We went for a walk to a forest that has Spirits in it... that sounds interesting...

There was a sign at the start of the trail telling us to look for the Spirits in the Forest... I will have to keep my eyes peeled. Should I be calling Ghostbusters?

"...Being watched closely by wise, mocking, shifty and mysterious faces..." Hmmm... I will look hard!

Ooohhh... that was beary quick...

Cool... this one looks like a cloud face.

And this one has leaves for hair.

Side-tracked by some puff-ball mushrooms...

We picked them but they were not super great for eating.

And this ultra-cute mushroom with polka dots (they can be orange or red) is ultra-poisonous...

Heh-heh... a yawning face!

Howling wolf...

A tree cottage.

This one might be trying to whistle...

 And another head with a head-dress... hard to see.


Cute little windows!

Hmmm... a drunk face?

More cottages!

A whole tree of cottages....


And more higher up.


Poker face?

An eagle-eyed owl... I hope he doesn't like little bears for lunch.

Beary long moustache...

A frontiersman hunter! This one is new!

Having a bad hair day I think.

Heh-heh... little bears could play hide-n-seek in these woods!

I think he's about to say something... like maybe where the honey is!

Hard to see that one

Another frontiersman...


 How'd they know I was in town??!!


  1. My favorite is the one with the cute little windows! Did you look inside Sandy? Any gnomes or beary beary small mini bears living inside?

    1. I like those too - but the only things I could see inside were ants... hmph.

  2. It's amazing how they knew you were in the area, maybe they secretly follow your blog.

    I am with Ajdin my favorite were the ones with the cottages carved into the tree.

    1. Ooooh, do you think? I should keep an eye out for paparazzi... the cottages are pretty cute. Too bad I couldn't expand them and make them bigger.

  3. what a great walk! Hahahahaha for us it would be a sign that means: Hey, look around, Jerry and Ben and Sandy might be here ;-)!

  4. ooh, we love the Bear sign! Obviously, they knew you were coming. Those are some great faces in the trees too!

    1. Clearly I am famous! I wonder if Gramma has been telling everyone about me?

  5. Wow, these are beary cool photos. You should check your clothes for electronic GPS tracking devices.

    1. Hmmm... I never thought of that... I'm going to have to see what happens when I go through the x-ray at the airport soon!