Monday, December 22, 2014

Vancouver - German Christmas Market

Today we went to the German Christmas Market!!! None of us had ever been and we had high hopes for this! Well... let's see... first off there was a Honey stall with Free Honey Tasting... YES!!! Jerry, did you hear that???

They also had stalls with traditional German Christmas decorations...

This was a lot of fun...

I think I know a little Hamster who might like a mushroom like this in his yard!

This little guy is a smoking St. Nikolaus - he opens up and you put an incense cone in there and light it and then he releases smoke... We have one at home, I'll see if I can get Mama to demonstrate!

Lots of pottery as well - not sure what this has to do with Christmas...

And then... I saw someone I thought Rose might be interested in!

Yup... she was! Can you tell what Roses's favourite colour is?

But then I saw something I was interested in... oh yum!!!

Belgian waffles on a stick!!!

 Rose and I both got one... although we had to share with the adults. Phooie!

I didn't want my picture taken with Santa... but did want one with this Nutcracker dude. I have a nutcracker outfit you know.

There was also a carousel... no bears allowed. Sigh...

So someone found herself a horse with a pink mane and hooves...

I also saw this beary cool chocolate melter thing.... the chocolate cascades down and it is beary easy to coat things with chocolate... like little bear paws!

Oh... munch... yum... chomp.... a big pretzel... beary beary yummy!!!


  1. That sure looks like a fun place!! Belgian waffles on a stick, YUM! Rose looks so cute talking to Santa; did you get a photo with Santa? ...something tells me that little bears look more appropriate sitting on Santa Bear's lap...maybe Uncle Tibbs could fill in for that role.

  2. It was great fun!!! Rose is pretty cute... and she knows it too! I didn't get a photo with Santa as the line was cut off behind Rose... and since I was behind her in line with Mama... I lost out!! Ahhhh!!!! Oh well... I guess even Santa's need their breaks. Do you think Uncle Tibbs is gluing a santa beard onto Ajdin or vice versa??

  3. That is my kind of festival. Waffles, big pretzels, chocolate fondue along with xmas crafts. You will have to fire up the smoking st nicholas when you get back home, beary cool.

    1. Thanks Little Fox! I did fire up our smoking St. Nikolaus but... my sekrebeary forgot to take pictures of it. Sigh.... it's hard to find good help.