Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finally! The Thames Mudlarking Results!!

Hullo!!! I know... I know!!! I've been beary remiss with not posting the results of my mudlarking adventure with Beanie in London but... Mama's been coughing like a seal and I've tried to keep my distance. Little bears don't like stuffed sinuses you know.

Anyhow... today I got mail from Beanie...

A Christmas card!!! It is smashing - love that green colour - it's like my winter jacket!

And it's the first one on the Christmas card holder... cool!

Now... off to the mudlarking finds...

There they are... they were washed in bleachy water cause... you know... the Thames isn't the cleanest river in the world.

Wow... I sure collected a lot of stuff!

Look at some of those blue colours - beautiful!

 And because Mama is a cataloguer and grouper from way back... here's all the blue pottery bits... These could be centuries old you know!

And miscellaneous pottery bits... beary pretty.

These are bits of disposal clay pipes from back in the day... basically the olden days version of cigarette butts!!

And here we have a few odds and ends. A nail - but not just any nail, a handmade nail!! It could be beary old. A bit of red brick... some beautiful blue glass... that bottom right green bit is actually iridescent in most light... and then a brown handle thingie.

Also some shells... Mama did pick up a horse tooth and bone fragments but thought Canadian Border Security might have a conniption fit if we brought back "animal parts" soooo... they got left behind. Sigh.

And then a bunch of flint bits - they are beary cool too.

I like this little piece a lot and I think...

I will let Mama keep it on her desk... so she can remember the fun we had! The rest of the bits are probably going to go out into the fairy garden or... not sure... might come up with something creative once the monsoons stop! Beanie made a cool mosaic... we'll see what we can come up with!


  1. I think they'd look good in the fairy garden!! Andrea says that blue glass is quite rare.

  2. What a cool haul. The nail is beary interesting, are you going to send it to UBC (Univ of Bear Care or the other UBC) for analysis?

  3. Nope! I am keeping that one! Might not go outside though otherwise it will dissolve in the rain... or something.

  4. What great finds. We agree, keep away from the humans when they are sick. Best to just make them hot tea, then run and hide under the bead with a nice book and flashlight.

    1. Oh yes... sick humans and their respiratory systems are beary disgusting sometimes. Rascal and I hunker down under the bed sometimes - it is the prefect hiding spot.

  5. That's a very nice sweater Sandy. Just in time for the holidays.

  6. Very cool stuf you found. I kept picturing a windchime made from it all while looking at you find. Hanging where it would only bet gentle breezes, not strong winds. Especially like the blue and white bits.